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Starting Your Own Business

You are looking to start your own business and get out on your own you might want to consider starting with job agency. By starting a job agency, you will not only be earning money but you will also be helping young people to find employment. In order to start your own job agency you will need to have contact with big companies that offer employment as well as you will need to find ways of advertising in order to let young people know that you are offering these services. You can also go out to schools and higher education institutes where you can speak to young people and offer career advice. In fact, you can make career advice a part of your service that you are offering as this is something that young people in this day age really lack.

Find contacts
The first thing you need to do is to find contacts with and companies that are looking to hire young people and let them know of your intention to start a job agency. You will need to meet with finance recruiters, human resources personnel at big companies and with banks that offer employment to school leavers. There are many young people that are looking for jobs without higher education because they are looking for work to be able to finance their higher education.

Unfortunately many certified banking recruiters in Singapore look for people with higher education qualifications and therefore young people do not have opportunities after school.

Career guidance is something that is very much needed in schools because many children do not choose careers that it them but instead go with the flow and instead invest money in educational qualifications that do not suit their own talents. This can often end in a waste of hard earned money and therefore, it is always best to have guidance before.

Another idea would be for you approach higher education institutions and ask for these institutions to include work experience in the curriculum where young people can work while studying to gain experience as well as to help them to get some money while they work. Doing this will also help recruiters because they will not have to pay very high salaries but they will also have young people that are getting qualified in the profession.

Another point to think about is that working within the industry will also help the student to understand the subject better and it will also open up doors to ore young people who want to study but cannot afford to do so because they can now finance their own education.