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Ideas For Saving Money On Your Nuptials

If he has finally popped the question, you must be rather excited to be planning your big day but when you discover the costs associated with planning a wedding, you are likely to be very surprised and a little stressed out because you will discover that having the wedding that you have always dreamt of is going to cost you all of your savings and possibly get you in to debt as well. The truth is that traditional weddings are expensive. However, what you need to understand is that a wedding is essentially just a party that you are throwing and that you are under no obligation to have your wedding party in any way other than the way you want to have it. Therefore, your wedding party can be anything from a small intimate dinner made by you at your home to a big elaborate ball at a fancy expensive hotel. You do not have to wear the traditional white dress that brides have worn for a decade before you and you do not have to have traditional invitations or a bouquet, these are all traditions that have been followed for years but have no reason to be followed in this modern age.

Cut out the tradition
The best way to save money on your wedding day is to cut out the tradition and plan out your party without any rules. If you do not want to have a bridal bouquet, you can skip it all together or you can carry something else that is important to you. You can also choose not to wear the big white ball gown and to choose a beautiful evening gown instead which will be just as beautiful and will cost you a fraction of the price. If you are interested about wedding flowers you can visit this website http://greenpointflowers.com.sg/wedding/.

Alternatively, you can choose to omit experienced flower delivery in Singapore and carry a bouquet made of other things such as trinkets and charms that you have at home that are important to you. There are many creative ideas for this which you can implement. A quick search of the internet will give you hundreds of creative ideas that you can not only use for your wedding but also to start a small business and earn money if you find you love it enough.

For your champagne fountain, you can substitute the campaign with some cheap soda to have the exact same effect or you can choose to add some food colouring in to it to make it even more creative and beautiful. There are many things you can do to have an amazing wedding day without having to spend too much money at all.