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Storage Tips For Keeping Your Computer Running Fast

Computers are prone to slowing down and ageing faster than you expect them to. This can be said the same for laptops, smartphones and other technologically aided equipment. When it comes to decluttering and keeping things clean it is not just the room that we need to pay attention to, but to the computer as well. One of the main running reasons for your computer to slow down is the reducing of its storage space and viruses. If you have a good antivirus guard then viruses are not a major issue to think about. But keeping the storage space available for your computer to run smoothly is a different story entirely.
Desktop puzzle days
If you tend to store every file that you think you will use again on your desktop, then it probably looks like something out of an expert level puzzle. Storing things in the desktop and actually cluttering the desktop is a straight road down to slowing your computer by minutes. Make use of folders and actually have a separate folder created for storing items that you want to use again frequently. Keep your desktop free of anything and your computer speed will boost up several notches. If you look at a professional gamer or a professional IT manager’s computer, you will see that their desktops are empty.
Get rid of the temporary files and the recycle bin files
On contrary to the popular belief, when you send things to the recycle bin it does not vanish into thin air. You need to empty the recycle bin every now and then again to remove the files stuck in the bin itself and taking up space of your hard drive. Keeping items in the recycle bin for long term will result in your recycle bin growing out of proportions. Your email and browser will also have a temporary folder where it saves downloads and cache and other items. In the case of an email software like outlook, the physical temporary folder can be tracked down by simply looking for the file where it saves the downloads. It usually ends up in your app files folder of the disk. Get rid of these as well.
Back up using an external hard drive in NZ
Free up your computer’s spacing issues by removing items from the computer and putting them into a separate storage equipment. This is the easiest way to ensure that viruses do not end up corrupting files and that you can take the items you want, anywhere you want.
Install a browser cleaner and a computer tuneup software. Make sure to clean out your computer every few months so that it does not end up breaking down on you.